Celia Hartnett, MSW, LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Work and Psychotherapist

End of Life Advocacy

I have been fascinated by life—and death—for as long as I can remember. Studying people, watching how they behave, listening for clues has helped me learn about life. But learning about death has been much more challenging because it's a taboo subject in our culture.

Nonetheless, I have managed to study death and dying through reading, providing therapy to people who are dying and most recently through a graduate program at The University of Vermont Medical School.

As an End of Life Advocate, I've learned how to provide support to dying people so they can make choices about the end of their lives. I am trained to help people who want to prepare for their death. I am able to support families and friends witnessing the suffering of their loved ones who are often confused about how to help.

My goal is to provide individualized, compassionate care. My work as an End of Life Advocate complements that of other health care professionals. Support can greatly reduce stress, comfort families and caregivers, and provide a personal, perhaps even positive, dying experience for patients.