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The Effect of the Earth's Rotation 
by Ebeth Scott-Sinclair I am not on any insurance panels. You are responsible to pay me at each session unless we have made other arrangements. I provide sliding scale fees and pro bono sessions to some clients and will work with you if we have begun therapy and your financial circumstances change significantly.

If you wish to use the mental health benefits included in your health insurance, I will diagnose you, if appropriate, and provide you with the requisite codes for the sessions you attend. You can then file with your insurer to receive out-of-network benefits, if they are part of your plan.

If you prefer, my business manager will file for you. Before she files your claim, you must provide all the information requested on my Insurance Information form. You can then email the form directly to her from my website.

If your plan requires prior authorization, you need to obtain that from your insurer before you attend your first session if you wish to file for that visit. My business manager will no longer gather information for you about your deductibles, number of approved visits, or why sessions arenít covered.

After my business manager files for a session, it will be your responsibility to follow-up if additional communication with your insurer is needed. She will not call your insurer to determine why a session was not paid for or what additional information is needed to complete a claim.

Your insurer will send reimbursement checks directly to you.

Please be advised that it is unlikely your insurer will reimburse you for couples therapy, family therapy or substance abuse interventions.

Insurance Information Form

You may email the completed insurance form by clicking here. Please email only the insurance form and bring the other forms to your first appointment.

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